Our Programs

There is no such thing as humane slaughter, and that goes for every living thing.

We are a rescue and sanctuary that save animals, and the animals save people. All our animals are valued as individuals with unique personalities, wants and needs.The treatment of farm animals is a far cry from the idyllic, spacious pastures that are shown in advertisements on milk, cheese and meat. Instead these farm animals are being raised in extreme confinement until they are set to slaughter.  Approximately 25 million farm animals are slaughtered EVERY DAY in the United States. Farm animals are the most abused animals on earth, the cycle of violence towards animals has to end. Humans cause this pain and yet animals unconditionally love us, teach us and help us.

We here at Farmhouse Rescue provide a safe, secure and loving forever home to farm animals who are in danger of abuse, neglect and slaughter. All our farm animals engage in Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) for those in need. Our “Guest of the Farm” program invites individuals suffering from terminal illness, loss, depression, addiction abuse and so much more to spend time loving  and interacting with our farm animals. Animals non-judgmental affection-on-demand can bring a sense of serenity and self-confidence that reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates social interaction and conversation, gives us opportunities for nurturing, exercise and play, and distracts us from the cares of our fast-paced world. Animals continue to save us everyday, it's about time we return the favor. With your donations we can continue our work, and together we can save each other.